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Flower delivery to Kiev: MFL.com.ua

rose 5 pcs., ribbon
469 UAH
rose 11 pcs., ribbon
914 UAH
rose 7 pcs., ribbon
618 UAH
alstroemeria 7 pcs., ribbon, wrapping paper
715 UAH
bush chrysanthemum 5 pcs., ribbon, felt wrapping
754 UAH
gerbera 3 pcs., ribbon, wrapping paper
498 UAH
alstroemeria 11 pcs., ribbon, felt wrapping
1091 UAH
spray rose 5 pcs., ribbon, wrapping paper, greenery
840 UAH
rose 7 pcs., greenery, basket, oasis
798 UAH
bush chrysanthemum 7 pcs., ribbon, greenery, basket, oasis
1146 UAH
rose 7 pcs., basket, oasis
950 UAH
rose 31 pcs., greenery, basket, oasis
2824 UAH
alstroemeria 15 pcs., greenery, basket, oasis
1476 UAH
bush chrysanthemum 9 pcs., greenery, basket, oasis
1357 UAH
tulip 21 pcs., greenery, basket, oasis
1556 UAH
rose 51 pcs., basket, oasis
4192 UAH
Raffaello 150 g
285 UAH
684 UAH
Pineapple, bananas, pears, apples, mangoes, oranges, kiwi, grapes
1691 UAH
soft toy Teddy Bear
855 UAH

Flowers and gifts with delivery from MFL.com.ua

In our salon of flowers everything is magical and fabulous: aroma, colours, ribbons... Of course, this can not be seen through the catalog but you can choose the bouquet and a gift to addition to it which is in your opinion will reflect the feelings the best.

What is the peculiarity of flowers delivery?

It is known that flowers help to decorate any holiday, give unforgettable moments and impressions. The flower delivery service is in great demand among people of all ages. Unlike former traditional markets, today this service is convenient because you can make an order online without losing your time. But convenience is not only in the efficient distribution of time, the very manner of presenting the bouquet causes rapturous ovations in the mind of the recipient. This gesture is like a self-expression of the person, it shows how generous and sincere the attitude he has.

Who is sending the bouquets through the flower delivery service MFL.com.ua?

The store accepts applications for congratulations of wives, daughters, girlfriends, mothers, lovers, collaborators with floral compositions.

Very often couriers bring spectacular bouquets to pretty unmarried girls. Couriers give them floral arrangements from familiar or unfamiliar men. There are times when girls don't know who sent them flowers. Couriers do not always know the secrets of the order. If they know the details, they will never tell about it anyway.

Often the flowers are sent to the mistresses. Surrounding people will not know from whom the lady received a bouquet. Therefore, married men who allow themselves to act freely towards women can use the flower delivery service without fear of being exposed in treason.

Unlike the love rats, decent husbands send their bouquet to their wives through the service in order to please their soul mate, to show their love, recognition and care. For these purposes delivery of bouquets will propose you the most charming composition.

Mom is the closest and most loved woman, she will surely receive a floral greeting from adult children, if they can not make it in person.

In order to establish relations with the company's management, some subordinates can send his or her boss a spectacular bouquet through the service. Headmistress surely will appreciate such a gift.

Assortment of flowers in online store

An online store with the bouquet delivery service must have a strong technical base, suitable conditions for the storage of flowers and the ability to update the assortment. All these features can be achieved by working with a flower salon that sells plants locally. In the flower salon where you can order the delivery of fresh flowers, their freshness is the primary responsibility of the company merchant. He checks and controls the incoming flowers to reduce the loss of such fragile material. Therefore this person orders from wholesalers those types of flowers are in high demand. Flowers that are often in demand are:

  • striking alstroemerias with bright color and natural variegation;
  • wonderful orchids;
  • bush roses or paeopies of different kinds;
  • all kinds of chrysanthemums;
  • lily with a heady aroma;
  • tender tulips;
  • gerberas of different colors.

Additional features and cost

It is customary to combine a small addition to a bouquet of flowers. It can be an ordinary postcard with pleasant wishes or a box of sweets, from which it is difficult to refuse. Our flower salon offers a great choice to combine such pleasant little things like chocolate goodies, soft toys, fruit basket. From the sender's side such a present will be very convincing and when our courier presents it, then believe me, the recipient will be really pleased.

When the question of price comes up, we can not remain silent to say that such moments are not discussed because the flowers are not measured in money. We just want to add that the cost is adequate and affordable for anyone and obviously is below our competitors' one. The catalog is here for anyone and the final price of the bouquet is visible. We also guarantee that we work without hidden surcharges and tell you the price right away as it changes accordint to the flower quantity and the destination of delivery. Try to order a bouquet in our salon at least once to understand how warm and comfortable it is to cooperate with MFL.com.ua and what a fresh masterpieces we can provide.